Our Software

Software for bingo halls
MPI designs, develops, maintains, distributes and supports the following products for use in bingo halls.

vBingo Logo w R TMVBingo® - The new host framework that we "plug" our bingo and pulltab games into. This framework consists of the front-end client and the back-end server/database system as well as handles the communications between the two.




TornadoTornado Bingo - a 24 number "instant" bingo game that has been played in bingo halls for over 10 years. Tornado is now available on the new VBingo framework.



wwlogosmWhirlwind Bingo - a fast paced, multi-pattern "grind style" bingo game. A bit slower than "Instant" bingo but has blazing speed compared to traditional bingo.



stlogoSunken Treasure - an electronic pull tab game hosted on the new VBingo framework.




Member Labs - a member tracking and loyalty system for charitable bingo halls.
You can find much more about each game and more of our bingo hall products at www.BingoPeak.com.

Software on the web
We are also releasing a version of our Tornado Bingo game, hosted on the VBingo framework, to play for fun and with your friends. This web version is not played for real money but for your bingo pleasure. You can find more information and the downloads at www.MyVBingo.com.

Third-party software and websites
We also develop, maintain and support custom software and websites. See the "Let us work for you" section on our home page for more details.

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